While not a "Trail Run" I know Pisgah Nation would enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of this Marathon course hitting all 15 of Asheville’s centrally located Breweries for my birthday (Isaiah Mosteller). Not up for the full course? You can join me in any of these sub-routes that make up the full route, each starting and finishing downtown:
  1. The East Beast, 1st Half Marathon (Downtown, East Avl, Biltmore Village) 13.1 miles, Meet at Wicked Weed 12:30pm
  2. The “El Guapo” Go West, 2nd Half Marathon (RAD, West Avl, South Slope Dog-Friendly Breweries) 13.1 miles, Meet at Funkatorium 4:15pm
  3. The South Slope 5K (Five South Slope Breweries) 3.1 miles, Meet at Hi-Wire 7:00pm
  4. The Lazy-Ass 0K (Just meet 8:45pm at the ABC finish for celebratory Pizza and Beers)

This is NOT a race, but a cooperative challenge. Finish the course, “sampling” a beer at each Aid Station (i.e. Brewery). Despite the event’s goal, I don’t want to drink THAT much. The idea is to buy a pint or two, depending how many runners are at each Brewery, and pass the glass around for some communal swigs and revelry, and move on to the next stop. Bring ID, cash, & credit for drink and food purchases en route. Night blinkies recommended for 2nd half. I’m planning on a leisurely pace, estimated around 6mph for the first half, and 5mph for the second, with roughly 15 minute stops at each brewery.

The main information page where I'll be organizing runners is via a Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/723260594430846/
You don't have to be on FB to view it, but you do need to have a profile to RSVP or comment on that page. If you don't do FB, you can just email me directly if you plan to join in. Let me know what portion of the run to expect you: tisaiahm@yahoo.com
You can stay with me as I lead the course route, but if you’d like to review the specs of the course, or send the route to your “mapmyrun” App on your phone, go to: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/581324546
You can also scope out the course on Google Earth: .

Here is the Brewery Mileage Chart with Estimated Arrival Times at each Brewery:

0.0 Wicked Weed (MEET 12:30pm, START 1:00pm)
1.1 LAB (1:15pm)
6.1 Highlands (2:15pm)
8.8 French Broad (3:00pm)
9.0 Catawba (3:15pm)
12.6 One World (4:00pm)
13.1 Funkatorium (4:15pm End 1st Half, Begin “El Guapo” 2nd Half 4:30pm)
14.1 Wedge (4:45pm)
18.3 Oyster House (5:45pm)
19.7 Altamont (6:15pm)
23.1 Hi-Wire (7:00pm, Begin South Slope 5K 7:30pm)
23.5 Burial (7:35pm)
24.5 Green Man (8:00pm)
25.6 Twin Leaf (8:30pm)
26.2 Asheville Brewing (8:45pm FINISH!! and After Party Pizza!)

(Sorry to Black Mountain, Brevard, Arden/Fletcher, Waynesville, Weaverville Breweries. This route sticks to Asheville proper)