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Bakers Half-Dozen Time Trial

Attempt if you dare.......

Come test your technical trail running abilities on this foothill gem! This 6ish mile route loops up, down, and all around the trails of Bakers Mountain Park. Don't let the quaintness of this little park full you! This run is burly!!!!!

Below is the map of the route and turn-by-turn directions. Don't let the amount of directions scare you off, it really isn't that hard to follow, but a preview of the route before your hard effort is suggested. I am really not sure on the exact mileage of this loop. I believe it to be near 6 miles, but it may be more or less. It sure feels like 6! Enjoy the map! Elevation gain is about 1600 ft!

Turn by Turn Directions:
  1. Start at covered picnic area and run the paved loop counter-clockwise to the Blue trail
  2. Turn down Blue Trail and follow to foot bridge over creek and turn left onto Red Trail
  3. Run Red trail back to paved loop, turn right and run loop clockwise
  4. Complete full paved loop and then turn left back onto other section of Red trail
  5. Follow Red trail to intersection with Blue Trail
  6. Turn left onto Blue Trail and follow to same foot bridge across creek you crossed ealier
  7. Cross bridge and turn right to follow Red Trail down to Yellow
  8. Turn left onto Yellow and follow Yellow back to Red Trail
  9. Turn left unto Red trail and continue climbing to Blue Trail
  10. Turn left onto Blue Trail and follow to summit, making sure to follow the Blue blazes the whole way to summit(don't use straight up dirt rd)
  11. At gazebo keep following trail past "Closed Trail" signs to T intersection
  12. Turn left on to double track trail and follow to briar patch near summit
  13. Turn around at the briar patch and follow same route back to gazebo
  14. Turn left onto Orange Trail and follow to Red trail
  15. Turn left onto Red trail and follow to Red/Blue connector
  16. Turn right onto Red/Blue connector and follow down to Blue Trail
  17. Turn left onto Blue trail and follow back to covered picnic area (use shortest route to Picnic area)
  18. Stop Watch at covered Picnic area

Post your times below on the page or email your time to me at throwerbt@gmail.com.


Post your Half Dozen Times Below:

DOUGH (55:01 and up)
Lee Starnes: 1:01:00 (2/18/15)

HALF-BAKED (50:01-55:00)
Brandon Thrower: 52:20 (10/15/13), 50:17 (4/17/15)
Adam Hill: 52:20 (10/15/13)
Jody Gibson: 57:45, 53:56 (12/28/14), 51:23 (4/6/15)

FULLY-BAKED (45:01-50:00)

TWICE-BAKED (45:00 and lower) Prove it!!!!