2010 Bonanza Crew

This fun run is a great way to tour Dupont State Forest! Follow mostly singletrack and doubletrack trail for approximately 22 miles of waterfall frolickin' fun, as this route takes you to ALL six waterfalls in the park (there is also a 10 mile option). Maps and written directions will be provided. Minimal course markings may be put out, but come prepared to follow a map and to read directions. This is a no entry fee, no frills group run. (proceed into waterfalls at your own risk!) Respond to the discussion page if interested in joining in on the fun!

2013 Runners:

Adam Hill
Terri Marshall
Lauran Madden
Isaiah Mosteller (& El Guapo)
Adam Standley
Whitney Waters
Matt Kirk
Brandon Thrower
Tom Griffith
Stan Austin
Jinnie Austin (hike or short run)
Mo Hoffmann
Tim Gallauger
Scott Slusser
Psyche Wimberly
Leopold Wimberly
Charles Raffensberger
Suzanne Hill
Krystal Kinnennun

Wintergreen Falls
Upper Bridal Veil Falls

High Falls