Midnight Manor Marathon

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The Midnight Manor Marathon will be held on the carriage trails at Moses Cone Park during a full moon on a hot summer night in July! Since it can get quite hot during the summer months in NC, this marathon will be held in the high country of NC at an elevation between 3,5000ft and 4,500 ft and will be held at night. Like most runs on this wiki, this is a free, no frills, high thrills gathering of like minded runners looking to enjoy some pristine mountain landscapes. This is in no way an official marathon, but more of a group run.


The route will begin from Bass Lake, a very short drive from downtown Blowing Rock, and ascend up past the Manor House and to the summits of Rich Mtn and Flat Top Mtn, and then descend back down past the manor house and back down to Bass Lake. Rich Mtn is mostly a bald and Flat Top Mtn has a fire tower at the top to gaze out at the moon, the stars, and the silhouetted ridgelines of the Blue Ridge.


There will be one aid station (water only) near the tunnel under the parkway that you will pass by three times. Very convenient!


The carriage trails at Moses Cone Park are all packed gravel surface with very moderate grades. Most grades never excede 5%! Be on the lookout for horse poop and cows though.

Date: 7/12/14
Start: 10:00 PM
Distance: 26.2 m or 13m
Vertical: 2,400 ft

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2014 Runners:

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