Rattle My Heart

2011 Rattle My Heart Runners

This annual 30 mile fun run began in 2008. The route follows some doubletrack and singletrack up to the 360 degree view from Rattlesnake Mountain, then winds over to the roller coaster of Kitsuma/Youngs Ridge. Once out of Old Fort Picnic Area, the course follows a paved road over to the infamous Heartbreak Ridge Trail. This 7+ mile long trail will gain 3500+ feet, so hold on to your bootstraps! Once going up around the summit of Pinnacle, the trail turns down the Mitchell Toll Road (of Mt. Mitchell Challenge fame) before veering off and exploring the switchbacks of Trestle Rd/Tr. It is a mix of singletrack and doubletrack back to the final bomber downhill of Lookout Trail that takes you back to the start/finish at Lake Susan in Montreat, NC.

Check out the Rattle My Heart video from 2011 here...

This is a no-frills, no entry fee, low key gathering of friends and runners. If interested, RSVP on this page's discussion board, and be prepared to come ready to read maps, follow trail blazes, and generally know where you are or where you are going. Maps and written directions will be provided, but there will be no course markings!

2013 Runners:
Brandon Thrower (Golden Calves)
Tim Weed
Terry Foxworth
Lauran Madden
Dave Schuetze
Jeremy Waldrop
Brew Davis
Doug Blackford
Damian Wells
Isaiah Mosteller
Matt Kirk
Carl Laniak (night loop?)
Scott Brockmeier (night loop?)
Adam Hill (aid/shuttle)
Suzanne Hill (aid/shuttle)
Kevin Lane
Psyche Wimberly
Charles Raffensberger

Rattlesnake Summit 2011

Andrew's Geyser Yoga

Elevation Profile

The top elevation was a little higher than shown as my altimiter was not quite calibrated but the overall gain is correct at 6300'. The long climb up Heartbreak Ridge was 3500' alone.