The 7th Annual RAM is upon us. Graduate level trail running.

In 2012 a group of runners made an attempt to run the RAM in February in conditions described as antarctic. Read more here...


JUNE 1st 2013 - 7AM start



1. MadAdam
2. Brandon Thrower
3. Sean Blanton
4. Sultan
5. Dennis Norris
6. Matt Kirk
7. Kathleen Cusick
8. Cari Smith
9. Action Jackson
10. Crystal Beth
11. Kam Long
12. Jeremy Waldrop
13. Scott Williams
14. Tyler Van Rensselaer
15. Chief D.Blackford
16. Karen Matheny
17. Lauran Madden
18. Sofie Beckham
19. Hannah Griffith
20. Laura Duffy
21. David
22. Beth Frye
23. Kevin Lane
24. Alisha "Amy" Little

The RAM, like many runs on the WNC Trail Runner Wiki is a mountain run (see 3D map above) and not intended for beginners. To ensure a safe environment for all our runners and volunteers, new runners will be on provisional entry until the meet the following criteria:

1. Vouched runner: Any WNC race director can email on your behalf and vouch for you.

2. Submit an essay to the STC detailing your back country survival skills, mountaineering experience, or mountain running bio.

3. Crowders 15M mountain training run.

Where: Crowders Linwood Access Parking Lot.
When: TBD
What: Run around Crowders for 15 miles or so.

RSVP by shooting over an email to Sultan: We will cap this run to 20 runners to keep our impact on the path manageable and sustainable.

Video of 2010 Run on this page


This ultra-marathon (27.2 Miles) is planned around the rhododendron blooming season so hopefully the pink shrub will be out and about. The view from Roan Bald to Janes Bald should be especially pink as the rhododendron usually bloom all along the mountain. The weather for this area is always tricky, so be prepared for a washout if need be.

We start at the top of Carvers Gap (5,512 feet) and is run downhill to Hwy 19E all along the AT. You can choose to carry all your food and water or drop some at 19E as we usually do just before the run. Last year Gail was nice enough to volunteer and I can still taste the watermellon, what a treat! Once you reach 19E then you are thoroughly punished by retracing your path back to the start. This will come a cost of climbing 6,000 ft uphill for 13.6 miles back to Carvers Gap. Try and negative split that one yo!
Did I mention to RSVP by shooting over an email to Sultan:

Date: 6.1.2013
Start: 7am
Distance: 27.2 miles
Elevation (net): 7,500 feet
Cost: Must bring a good campfire story.