The Dump 50k
Mullet Mike double dog dares you!

Date: March 16, 2013
Time: 9 a.m.
What: The Dump Run is a strong smelling trashy 50 K. (a free, no-frills, group run)
Where: The run will be staged at the Buncombe County Landfill’s Trail System, aka Alexander Mountain Bike Park, located 12 miles down the French Broad River from Asheville, alongside River Road-Highway 251. The Park has 2 established loops, red and yellow, which have a combined total of approximately 7 miles, giving us a glorious 4 and ½ loops at the Dump!
MORE: As you settle into your dump loops, take in the views of the dramatic riverside cliffs, elegant blue herons, and the sparkling French Broad River water surging below. As the breeze gently circulates over the hills, breath deeply the soft aroma of springtime- and the occasional volatile pungency of composting waste.
Perhaps, you may even be prized with the sight of a litter decoration high in a tree that you really fancy. Or you may glimpse one of the freakishly large mutant frogs that have adapted to living in the landfill’s runoff waters; the creatures are proven to invoke outrageous happiness and hilarity. Other side effects may include nightmares and cold sweats.
Refreshments and trashy jokes will be held at the aid station in the parking lot. Aid will include water, swamp water, PBRs, Gatorade, cookies, pizza, and ice cream.
Prizes: All finishers will be awarded a charming piece of trash- a memento of the glorious day at The Dump.
After Party: As a bonus, if you travel 6 miles downriver upon finishing at the Dump, you are invited to Kevin and Kate’s hullaballoo farm headquarters for a farm feast, cow riding, and chicken petting.
Trail Map: PDF (Outdated) ; GPS

2013 Runners:
Kevin Lane
Mike (Action) Jackson
Zoe Jackson
Adam (Mad A) Hill
Suzanne Hill
Ned Barrett
Brew Davis
Brandon (Golden Calves) Thrower
Phyllis Neriah
Ali Schuetze
Dave (4 Trunks) Schuetze
Lauran Madden
Jeremy Hargroves
Adam Standley
Alena Babak
Terry (DaddyChooChoo) Foxworth
Nicole (MammaShark) Foxworth
Brian (B-Rex) Beduhn
Valerie Miller
Wendy Wright
Tim Weed
Lindsey Weed
Julie Rasku