WNC VerticALE Mile

Date and Time 03/08/14 @ 4:00 PMsee discussion board for more...

2012 VerticALEers!!!

Join the wnctrailrunner crew for the 2nd Annual VerticALE Mile! This is a classic mountain running twist on the ever popular Beer Mile! 1 mile...4 beers...650 feet of climb! Enjoy the pictures below of our route while you can (taken by WNC VerticALE Mile founder Rick M.), as they may be a bit blurry on race day! The discussion board will have other various details that can be discussed, etc. RSVP in discussion board...

Some basic rules:
2. Beer must be at least 5% ABV (most staple cheap beers fit this...PBR, Coors, Bud...you get the drift)
3. Have a watch to wear to clock your time
4. Official race starter will say go...1st beer is consumed, run to beer #2 and bottoms up, run to beer #, well you get the idea, and the first one to the top wins a prize. As well as HUGE bragging rights for our top male/female to go sub 12:15/17:50.
5. All beer must be consumed...even backwash! It must also be consumed in the classic canned (yes, it has to be in a can) beer drinking style (i.e. no wide mouth, fancy-pants cans; no puncturing of the can, and no straws...they're a luxury)
6. If a participant throws up, then a penalty will be distributed. A choice of doing the last 1/4 once more or chugging a beer at the finish.

2012 Finishing Times:
Tim Weed 11:58
John Harrison 12:48
Mad A 14:12
Clay 14:26
Brandon 16:00
Rick 18:54
Lindsey 20:??

2014 VerticALEers:
Brandon Thrower
Clay Fain?
Mad A
Natalie Hap Nin
Scott Williams Sucks

Course description:
The first 3/4th of the mile are on a nice dirt road and climbs 430'. The last quarter is on a bald, no trail and no trees, just a painful 220' grind to the finish of a 650' mile.
1 - 115' = 8.7%
2 - 125' = 9.5% (240' = 9%)
3 - 190' = 14.4% (430' = 10.8%)
4 = 220' = 16.67% (650' = 12.3%)

The Start (beer#1)

2nd beer here!

3rd beer here!

4th beer here!

Almost there...