Bartram Trail Self-Supported Speed Hike 120 miles

Who: Competent self-reliant adventurers

What: A self-supported speed hike of the Bartram Trail.

Where: Traversing the entire trail south to north from the Chattooga River along the SC/GA line to the mile-high summit of Cheoah Mtn. above the Nantahala Gorge and then back down to civilization (about 120 miles total).

When: Suggested start date looking like Sunday, April 17th (this is my spring break, post if other suggestions). No cut-offs, take as long as you need. This is your individual thru-hike!

How: There will be no aid/crewing/caching. Runners carry what they need. The trail passes by resupply locations in Franklin, NC (mile 67) and Baterman's Lakeside Store (mile 89). Cars can be parked at the NOC for a shuttle to the start.

Why: For the simple satisfaction of self-supported wilderness running!!!

Update 3/6/11: Matt is out due to a schedule conflict, but others may still want to do this traverse, see discussion board to make contact with interested parties.

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